Our Team

Melissa Wax
Photographer / Founder

Avid music lover. KEXP Photographer. Founder of Ballard VOX.

IG: @melissawax
FB: /melissawax

Steven Wax
Software Engineer

Software engineer by day and also software engineer by night. Responsible for the main development of the Ballard VOX website and all other inquiries that involve doing stuff with a computer.

May or may not be a giant bug monster.


Seattle-transplant originally from Orange County, CA. ’Stories. People. Culture’ are running themes throughout all of my motion and stills work. Five good tunes: Kurt Vile, Dream Shake, Hiss Golden Messenger, Twin Peaks, Alex Calder.

createdbytrix.com | IG: @createdbytrix, @journalcbt

Jim Kullmann

Jim moved to Seattle in 2009 from the east coast. He is a student and full time wedding photographer. On the rare occasion that he doesn’t have a camera in his hand he can usually be found relaxing with the world’s laziest dog and a good book.


IG: @intermittent.landscapist


Collene McCarter

Collene is a 22 year old University of Washington graduate with a degree in political science and a dog obsession. She got her first camera at the age of 11 (after her mom got tired of hers always going missing) and hasn’t been without one since. When not out taking pictures, Collene can be found cooking, enjoying live music, traveling, blogging, and snuggling her three dogs.

IG: @collenemccarterphoto



Rich Zollner

I’m Rich Zollner. Originally from the Chicago area but have lived in Seattle since 2005. I photograph live music, landscapes and cityscapes but have started to add band promotional photos and portraiture to my list. I’ve been taking photos of the Ballard music scene for several years now and the people here have become something like family to me.

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/RichZollnerPhotography

Instagram: @richzphotos

Web: http://www.richzphotos.com


Arthur Wessel
Arthur Wessel is a human being who creates emotional light portals with his camera-shaped time machine by capturing reflected photons and redistributing them elsewhere throughout the universe for inter-dimensional transport.
facebook: /ahwphotography
IG – @awm_outdoors, @ahwphotography


Seattle photographer, videographer and editor. Over 3 years of concert photography experience. A guy that really likes concerts and digital media.







Dylan Randolph
Dylan relocated to Seattle in 2014 from the Upper Midwest. He has been sneaking in cameras to concerts as long as he remembers and is always happy to have a valid excuse to photograph a show.
IG: @dylantronic
FB: /dylanrandolphmedia

Chaz Gilbert

I’m from the northwest and have been shooting pictures for over a decade. I enjoy road trips, and also work two other jobs. When I’m not working you might find me at a skateboarding or hiking. 


Haley Freedlund

Haley Freedlund photographs performers, mostly in the realms of music and dance and with a lean towards candid shooting. As a freelancing musician in the Seattle music scene, she is found on the stage or in the crowd at most shows. She is also a talent booker and board member for Table & Chairs and the Racer Sessions, Seattle’s leading creative music organizations.

IG: @freedlundphoto, @haleyfreedlund

D.L. Steinmetz (aka Ruby Sneakers Photography)
D.L. Steinmetz (aka Ruby Sneakers Photography) lives in Seattle and has been photographing locally performing artists since 2010. She loves capturing the incredible live talent showcased in and around The Emerald City and sharing the true depth of this area’s unique culture with the rest of the world. When D.L. is not working, she enjoys writing, exploring abandoned/historic sites, and spending time with her family. You can find her continually expanding portfolio here HERE.

Nicholas Mercado

I’m Nicholas, an apparel and portrait photographer based out of Seattle. When I’m not photographing, I’m usually with my dog, Marley. I love live music, and you can find me at a local show most nights of the week. Visit my website www.nicholasmercado.com to see some of my work or follow me on instagram (@photobeard).

Connecting the community to its musicians through photography